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Care Active's innovative IoT solutions, utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy and scalable cloud technology, provide quick access and high visualization to objectively monitor cognitive health indicators.

Unlocking the Power of IoT for Cognitive Health

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Berkeley Psychophysiology Laboratory

CareActive Watch’s user-friendly app allowed our sample of elderly research participants to complete self-installation with minimum frustration. By having people with dementia and their familial caregivers both wear CareActive Watches, we are able to monitor and analyze longitudinal changes in movement and in-home location during individual activities and social interactions. 

Clinical Health, Emotion, & Neuroscience Lab

Care Active's cutting-edge IoT solutions leverage Bluetooth Low Energy and scalable cloud technology to provide quick access, high visualization, and rapid deployment. Our focus is on facilitating objective indicators of cognitive disorders through innovative and efficient solutions.

Innovative IoT Solutions for Objective Cognitive Disorder Indicators.

What We Do

Revolutionize Data Collection with User-Friendly Wearables.

Simplify data collection and gain valuable insights effortlessly with our easy-to-use and practical wearables. Our innovative IoT solutions are designed for quick access, high visualization, and rapid deployment, providing objective indicators of cognitive disorders.

Revolutionize Your Research with Cloud Technology

With our cloud technology, researchers gain easy access to data anywhere, at any time. Revolutionize your research process and effortlessly monitor objective indicators of cognitive disorders.

Harness the power of data virtualization for better care.

Unlock valuable insights with data virtualization. Empower researchers and caregivers to make informed decisions with quick access to objective indicators of cognitive disorders. Our innovative IoT solutions provide high visualization and easy deployment for efficient care.

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